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Climate Rescue of Wagga


  • Climate Rescue of Wagga aims to educate the public, lobby politicians and encourage change for climate action.


  • 5.30pm 3rd Thursdays at Erin Earth, Kildare St., Wagga


  • Email:
  • Phone: (02) 6971 7832
  • Address: 147 Morgan St., Wagga, NSW
  • Postcode(s): 2650

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  • 1 Sean Gallacher // Nov 15, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    I would like to suggest a different approach to climate change. Rather than a solution that costs money I would like to suggest an approach that makes money. What I am proposing is a complete solution to climate change that will add over $10 trillion to the global economy. I have written three discussion papers on the matter and you will find them on

    The discussion papers are entitled Climate Change, Kyoto II and Oasis Forestry.

    Sean Gallacher
    57 Harden Street
    Acacia Ridge 4110
    Queensland Australia
    61 7 3277 2975
    0413 445 452

  • 2 Graham Strong // Feb 7, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Interested in engaging CROW as a point in promoting/building an annual event on my property at Boree Creek called ‘Meridian’. We held one last year which was a great success, Jim Rees demonstrated making biochar, and we did a farm walk to see the Meridian Project (earth art) and the tree and saltbush plantings. This year we hope to add retrofiting house for climate change, aquaponics, keyline design, Holistic Management and how a riverina farm might function in the future under a climate change scenario. Id like to engage interested people in dicussing how ‘deindustrialisation’ would actualy work on a typical former grain/sheep farm in the southern and western Riverina. How far realisticly could we go? perhaps a lot of country might end up prodcing ‘environmental services’ rather than exporting nutrients and energy. What will be the mix? Very interested in engaging urban riverina people in wider landscape dicussions in surrounding farming country. Perhaps ‘Meridian’ could develop to fill this role. I will try and get something up on what exactly Meridian is all about on a blogg soon and send link. Essentialy its a large piece of land art on my property which is being developed around a central line of longitude (144 degrees, 33 minutes and 9 secs) it runs contrary to the way the country is surveyed (mag north as opposed to true north) so it stands out prominantly. The line obviously runs ‘off the map’ and goes through other places, farms, towns, cities right around the planet and so forms a central connecting ‘excuse’ to connect seemingly unrelated places. Of course once the line has been given form and people start talking about it then every single place anywhere near the magic number becomes a place we can then extend a hand to and ‘invite’ to the conversation and more importantly to add to a movement of landscape scale action on climate change. Cheers Graham ps can contact me through Jim or email or ph 02 69 598656 m 0428 598656

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